Participants experience in previous years of Teachers Summit

This page contains the experience of the participants from the previous year’s event. All participants answered the following question: “Did you like Teachers summit?”

Martina Schrötterova, Charles University Prague

“Yes. Very useful. Lots of inspiration. Thank you for organizing such an event!”

Jitka Sokolova, Elementary school Jara Cimrman Prague

“I attended Teachers Summit for the first time and I was thrilled. Speakers were erudite, funny and their lectures very useful. I took a lot of suggestions that I’ll give not only to the headmaster, but also to my colleagues. I’m looking forward to the next Summit.”

Jaroslav Masek, Arabic Gymnasium Prague

“You are great. Everything worked perfectly on the Summit. Thanks!”

Eva Benisova, Elementary school and Kindergarten Motylek Koprivnice

“Yes! See you next year!”

Hana Pilarová, Elementary school Straz Bor

“Perfectly prepared event, where one has the opportunity to meet like-minded people willing to share their experience and ideas.”

Hana Zahradkova, Elementary school Unhost

“Summit was wonderful as always. I met people who want to use something else than just chalk and a blackboard. It was a day full of inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to be here.”

Ivo Kuttelwascher, Vysocina Education

Very well prepared, excellent teachers, wonderful explosions.”

Linda Pospisilova, University of Pardubice Language Centre

“I liked the atmosphere, enthusiasm and iSEN, Petr Mara, all presenting :-)”

Pavlína Lonkova, Elementary school and Kindergarten Vresina

“Thank you for nice meeting and a lot of ideas :-)”

Andrea Cervenkova, Elementary school Sady pionyru Lovosice

“I liked the Teachers Summit very much, it is great to meet new and interesting people and get to know new and interesting techniques :-)”

Vladimir Kalina, Fraus Publishing, s.r.o.

“Inspirational in form and content. Great place. Great personalities. Great Saturday :-)”

Zuzana Trnkova, Kindergarten Pnov – Predhradi

“I am very glad I could be there and hear Daniel Müller, who spoke about the second page of the iPad. Listen to all the seminars helped me to make my own opinion. Thank you!”

Adela Tupa, Elementary school Mnisek pod Brdy

“I’m glad I was able to attend the Teachers Summit in 2014. I drew new inspiration. Thank you.”

Vlasta Adamcikova, Kindergarten Pohranicni Decin

“Interesting, informative, sunny Saturday morning and afternoon.”

Dominika Jucovicova, PPP for Prague 1, 2 a 4

“Teachers Summit has opened new horizons for me and my use in consulting practice – for children with disabilities, but also for children demotivated by memorizing, uninteresting manner of teaching, etc….”

Aneta Brejchova, Elementary school Martin Luther Pilsen

“Very useful and inspiring :-)”

Jitka Rambouskova, Elementary school and Kindergarten Nyrany

“I liked it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here for the third time:-)”

Michal Vyleta, Elementary school Masarykova Pilsen

“Excellent action – you could organize it more often :-)”

Martin Havlicek, VSEM, o.p.s., Prague

“Very useful experience to for children and adults.”

Anna Emingerova, Elementary school Komenskeho Alej Zatec

“Teachers Summit is a great event full of inspiration.”

Alena Vybulkova, Kindergarten Pnov – Predhradi

“Great experience. I’d definitely recommend the event to other people. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in the field. Just hearing the whole day is useful for everyone.”

Adela Petrbokova, Secondary and Elementary school and Kindergarten Rakovnik

“Teacher’s summit has the ability to “kick” you to a next (new) job and help you to overcome stereotypes, which can get even in this innovative work.”

Zuzana Outratova, Elementary school and Kindergarten K Dolum Prague

“Very perfectly secured, both professional and organizational!”

Petra Jurenova, Elementary school Samotisky

“Excellent organization, lots of ideas and diversity of topics, from which everyone gets the inspiration for the creation and utilization of materials.”

Miklos Csemy, Lipa Learning, s.r.o.

“Thank you for meeting teachers who are thinking about their work and are constantly looking for new ways and methods to awaken in children a lifelong love of learning.”

Martin Molcik, Elementary school and Kindergarten Bila Prague

“We implement iPads in our school but there aren’t many information and experience. This is an event I was looking for! Enthusiasm, experience and expertise. Thank you!”

Zdena Placha, Kindergarten Riegrova Decin

“Thanks – it was a great event!”

Mila Typoltova, Elementary school Jara Cimrman Prague

“This Saturday certainly wasn’t a lost of time. Except nice and friendly people I met enthusiasm and professionalism. I’d like to thank to all the organizers and instructors.”